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Publication Editor / E-mail Pre-IMTS Issue Post-IMTS Issue
3D Metal Printing Brad Kuvin Summer  
Additive Manufacturing Pete Zelinski Aug.  
Aerospace Manufacturing & Design Elizabeth Modic Aug./Sept. Oct.
American Machinist Robert Brooks Aug. Bill Lydon    
Automotive Design & Production Gary S. Vasilash July/Aug.  
CNC West Sean Burr Aug./Sept.  
Compressed Air Best Practices® Rod Smith   Nov.
Cutting Tool Engineering Alan Richter Aug. Sept.
Design 2-Part Mark Shortt    
Design News Jennifer Campbell    
Design World Leslie Langnau    
Digital Engineering Tom Cooney / Jamie Gooch    
Electronic Component News Joyceann Garippa Aug. Tom Feltham    
Fabricating & Metalworking Mike Riley Aug./Sept.  
Fabricating Product News Brad Kuvin July/Aug.  
FF Journal Gretchen Salois    
Gear Production Russ Willcutt Sept.  
Gear Solutions Molly J. Rogers Aug. Sept.
Gear Technology Randy Stott Aug. Sept./Oct.
Hydraulics & Pneumatics Alan Hitchcox Aug.  
Industrial Equipment News Jeff Reinke Aug. Oct.
Industrial Laser Solutions David Belforte Aug.  
Industrial Machinery Digest William Strickland Aug./Sept. Oct.
Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation (IMPO) Anna Wells    
Industrial Photonics James Schlett    
Industrial Robot / Assembly Automation / Sensor Review Richard Bloss    
Machine Design Leland Teschler Aug.  
MakingChips Jim Carr |  Jason Zenger April - Sept Sept - Dec
Manufacturing Business Technology Anna Wells    
Manufacturing Engineering Sarah Webster July & Aug.  
Manufacturing News Jody Estes Aug. Joel Hans    
Medical Design News Joe Jancsurak Sept.  
Medical Design Technology Sean Fenske Sept.  
Metalforming Magazine Brad Kuvin Aug.  
Modern Application News Bob West July & Aug.  
Modern Machine Shop Mark D. Albert Aug. Sept.
Moldmaking Technology Christina M. Fuges Aug. Sept.
NASA/Defense Tech Briefs Linda Bell    
New Equipment Digest Robert F. King Aug. & Sept.  
Photonics Media Michael Wheeler    
Plant Engineering Bob Vavra    
Plant Services Thomas Wilk    
Power Transmission Engineering Randy Stott Aug. Sept.
Process Heating Linda Becker    
Product Design & Development Lee Goldberg    
Production Machining Christopher Koepfer Aug. Sept.
Quality Digest Mike Richman Aug.  
Quality Magazine Darryl Seland Aug. Sept.
R&D Anna Spiewak    
Technical Education Magazine Tom Shaw    
The Fabricator Dan Davis    
ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom William Ng    
Today's Energy Solutions Elizabeth Modic May/June (show issue) July/August
Today's Medical Developments Elizabeth Modic July (show issue) August/Sept
Today's Motor Vehicles Elizabeth Modic July (show issue) August
Tooling & Production Bob West Aug. Nov.
Ward's Auto World Drew Winter Aug.  
Welding Robert Brooks    
INTERNATIONAL Sergio Alvarez    
Aerospace Manufacturing Mike Richardson    
Canadian Fabricating & Welding Rob Colman    
Canadian Metalworking Joe Thompson Aug. Sept.
Canadian Industrial Machinery Joe Thompson     
European Tool & Mould Making Britta Solloway    
Industrial Ethernet Book Al Presher June / July Sept / Oct
Machinery & Equipment MRO Bill Roebuck   Nov.
Metalworking News Bruce Crawford    
Metalworking Production and Purchasing Rob Colman    
Manufactura (Mexico) Jesús H. Hernandez    
Metalmecánica (Latin America) Eduardo Tovar July
MM Industry Magazine Germany Ken Fouhy Aug.  
Modern Machine Shop – Mexico Eduardo Tovar Aug. Sept.
PLANT Joe Terrett    
Produits pour l'industrie Quebecoise Tim Gouldson    
Shop Metalworking Technology Mary Scianna Aug. Oct.
The Abrasive Hub Elaine McClarence    
The Machinist - Times of India Group Niranjan Mudholkar Sept.  
Tidningen Maskinoperatören Sweden Ulf Samuelsson Sept. Oct.