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Leadwell CNC Machines Mfg., Corp.

No. 23, Gong 33 Road
Taiwan R.O.C.

P: 886 4 2359 1880

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About Leadwell CNC Machines Mfg., Corp.


“Strive for excellence” has always been the motto of LEADWELL in the past of 38 years, and this motto is passing along the different generation of employees to ensure the highest quality of our machines now and in the future. LEADWELL not only holds the record of being the very first manufacturer of CNC in Taiwan, we are also the first manufacturer who has sold our machines to Japan from Taiwan. Until today, we have sold more than 45,000 machines globally, with more than 60 distribution channels and agents.

Follow the FFG global development strategy and market layout, LEADWELL still improving our product technologies, besides the 5 axis machine products line that is almost complete now. Rotary type or MU series these 5 axis machining equipment will be shown. At IMTS 2018, LEADWELL is showcasing many industry leading machines.

MU-650, The rotary uses one side driving two side handling design, provides higher table load capacity and rotation accuracy. It also provides highly dynamic processing of workpieces up to 300kg in weight simultaneously on 5-axis. Highly dynamic machining center design consistently for 5-axis/5 face machining.

LTC-25iSMY, Multi-tasking turning center which can process complex surfaces and geometrical features that requires the various turning or milling operations in one machine; its series with sub-spindle, milling function and true Y-axis are the box way design and highly popular on the global stage. It has a large family extension; it can be as small as less than a meter to six meters length with its Z-axis. It covers all industries that require different sizes of machines for different tasks.

LTC-200L with loading/unloading system, which can offer the wide range of flexibility to many small and middle size capacity factories. In which it can reach many different workpiece requirements.

We are also presenting the V-32iT, table-table type 5-axis machining center is suitable for aerospace components, air hydraulic valve block, and five face machining. The 5 axis processing can reduce the times of constantly loading/unloading the workpieces and fixtures requirement, shorten the processing time and improve the machining accuracy.