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About Advanced Machine & Engineering

Advanced Machine & Engineering® (AME) has been developing and producing machine tool components and metal cutting machines for over 50 years. With blue collar values and employee development programs that support STEM education, AME is driven to support the revival of the American manufacturing industry.

AMROK® Tombstones, Custom Fixtures, and Workholding Components

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AMROK workholding products were created by engineers that needed a specific set of solutions—machining times that would meet lean requirements, processes that provide improved precision, and a more impressive bottom line. With over 30 years of workholding research, development, and expertise, you can be confident in our ability to offer standard and dedicated fixturing solutions that allow you to focus on cutting chips, not designing fixtures. [Coming Soon] Reserve a time to meet with an engineer at IMTS to start developing your dedicated fixturing solution.

Take a moment to check out all things workholding at to review articles written by our expert contributors [Coming Spring 2018].

OTT-JAKOB Spindle Drawbars and Complete Tool Clamping Systems

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For over 30 years, Advanced Machine & Engineering has been the exclusive North American partner of OTT-JAKOB, the leading manufacturer of automatic tool clamping systems. As a technological leader in this niche market, OTT-JAKOB has set numerous standards in clamping technology over the past few decades, and are a valued development partner of the world's leading spindle and machine too manufacturers. Their extensive user expertise as wide-ranging as it is profound, their development and manufacutring skills and their sound knowledge of processes enable us to deliver clamping systems which you can rely on. Now and in the future.

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  3. Cutting & Forming Tools > Tool Holders and Adapters
  4. Cutting & Forming Tools > Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
  5. Machine Components and Accessories > Bearings, Pulleys, Clutches, Gears and V-Belts
  6. Machine Components and Accessories > Connectors & Fasteners
  7. Machine Components and Accessories > Couplings
  8. Machine Components and Accessories > Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
  9. Machine Components and Accessories > Indexers and Rotary Tables
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  15. Machine Components and Accessories > Speed Reducers and Gear Boxes
  16. Machine Components and Accessories > Spindles
  17. Machine Components and Accessories > Tool Condition Monitoring Systems
  18. Materials > Tooling Materials, Blanks and Pre-Machined Stock of All Types
  19. Sawing > Sawing Machines, Circular Cut-Off Saws (Cold)
  20. Services > Contract Manufacturing and Machining Services
  21. Services > Maintenance and Repair Services
  22. Services > Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  23. Services > Spindle Repair and Maintenance Services
  24. Workholding Devices > Actuators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  25. Workholding Devices > Angle & Sub Plates
  26. Workholding Devices > Clamps and Fixturing Devices
  27. Workholding Devices > Fixturing Systems
  28. Workholding Devices > Pedestal Type Fixtures and Tombstone Blocks
  29. Workholding Devices > Vises and Vise Jaws
  30. Workholding Devices > Workholding, Custom