OMAX Corporation

North Building, Level 3 - 236222

About OMAX Corporation

OMAX Corporation designs and manufactures precision waterjet systems using the latest technology advancements to deliver faster cutting and decreased downtime. With taper free and multi-axis cutting capabilities, and four product lines to choose from, we have a waterjet to fit any cutting application. Our easy to use machines cut virtually any material, expanding your shop’s capabilities.

Product Categories (8)
  1. Controls / CAD-CAM / Software > Software, Machinability Databases
  2. Controls / CAD-CAM / Software > Software, Other Manufacturing
  3. Cutting & Forming Tools > Gear Cutting Tools
  4. EDM / ECM / Lasers / Welding / Plasma & Water Jet Cutting > Water Jet Cutting Machines
  5. Machine Components and Accessories > Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  6. Services > Maintenance and Repair Services
  7. Special Purpose Equipment > Composite Working Machines (Tape Laying, Filament Winding, etc.)
  8. Special Purpose Equipment > Plastic Cutting and Slitting