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About Modern Industries, Inc.

mPower is the product development division of Modern Industries, a diversified, multi-division corporation founded in 1946.

As a manufacturing operation that faces global competition, we fully understand that the need work to faster, smarter and at a lower cost is the key to success in today’s competitive marketplace.

The mPower line includes the SpeedLoc™ precision quickchange fixturing and mounting system, ModLoc™ modular tooling columns, SpinLoc™ indexers, and Spin-Select™ multi-pocket tool holders.  The advanced technology engineered into our unique product line offers you numerous exclusive benefits.


No quick change fixture mounting system available today for tooling and workholding equipment compares to the speed, ease of installation and precise repeatability offered by the SpeedLoc™ precision fixturing and mounting system. SpeedLoc offers .0004" repeatability, significantly greater hold down strength and our patented self extracting design. All at a fraction of the cost compared to zero point systems. No one can compare to the mPower SpeedLoc system. 

SpeedLoc can also be integrated into mPower's Modular tooling columns or cast tooling columns manufactured by Abbott  and  TombstoneCity. Ask for our special fixture plate docking system along with speedloc to decrease fixture change over time while improving saftey and ease of loading.

Spin-Select™ -- NEW FOR 2018 --- SpinSelect DRIVEN BY LIVE TOOLING STATION !

Our Spin-Select™ tool was created to increase productivity and consistency by decreasing downtime associated with lathe cutting tool and insert setups or changeovers. This product is a game-changer for the industry.  Spin select allows automated lather cells to operate at least 5X longer between insert changes, without redundant tool holders. 

SpinSelect’s patented, unique design allows for quick indexing and changing between its five pockets with a simple ¼ turn of a socket head cap screw. Each pocket can house a different tool, allowing for a quick change between operations without having to requalify the tools. It excels at cutting harder materials, as the pockets are 30% stronger than traditional shank tools, allowing more rigid tools to be loaded.

Designed for use on most lathes having a turret or tool post, SpinSelect™ offers significantly better throughput on machining tasks such as heavy roughing, harder material removal, and short runs. Machining operators have seen up to an 85% savings on changeover and setup times as SpinSelect™ creates a nearly continuous runtime with offline insert changes/reloading.


mPower’s™ SpinLoc™ indexers provide an economical way to expand the capabilities of your existing vertical and horizontal machining centers with 4th or 5th axis accessibility to the work piece. SpinLoc’s™ unique, patented rotary indexer delivers mechanically actuated 5° movement without costly external power supplies or hydraulic pumps.

SpinLoc’s™ vertical pump indexers are also available for VMC/HMC applications and for use on the exclusive SpeedLoc™ Trunnion Kit. No other system compares to the range of features, benefits and operating advantages of SpinLoc™. Consider how these exclusive indexers can positively impact your competitive edge.


In designing the unique ModLoc™ modular tooling columns, mPower™ engineers borrowed heavily from the principles of advanced structural engineering to produce a tooling column where the fixture plates essentially become the structure and strength of the system.

Rigid and strong, yet substantially lighter than cast tombstones, ModLoc™ modular tooling columns assemble quickly and feature an open architecture that is ideal for systems requiring hydraulic or electrical control systems.

ModLoc™ modular tombstones take full advantage of the incredible precision and efficiency of the SpeedLoc™ work holding system to cut fixture plate setups to just seconds.

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