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The Blue Arc® Metal Removal Process Update: A Case Study in the Benefits of Vendor Collaboration #IMTS26

Tue. September 11| 1:15 PM - 2:10 PM | W193-B

In today’s current manufacturing environment, we are facing more complicated, multi-discipline processes.  We are addressing these complicated challenges with a dwindling resource base.  The ever-growing skills gap will force us to work differently in the future and the future is NOW.  In the past, a company would purchase a machine, an engineer would design a fixture, another would select a tooling suite, another would create the part program and the facilities manager would dictate the coolant used in the machine.  All of these individually selected resources would come together and the manufacturer would hope for the best.  Today’s complex processes dictate a different approach.  How can a deep dive into intense collaboration result in dramatic reductions in cost of manufacture and increased process reliability?  An interesting case study will be shared about the GE / Mitsui Seiki partnership in the revolutionary Blue Arc® process – along with an update on its applications – and suggestions made on how to effectively collaborate in an era of scarce resources.

Type: IMTS Conference

Track: Process Innovations


Hudson, Robb
Hudson, Robb CEO, Mitsui Seiki USA , Inc | Role: Speaker