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Special Events at IMTS

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Log into the online e-Kit; go into “My Account”, then “Edit Company Profile” scroll down until you see Special In-Booth Events

You can add/edit this information at any time however, each event must be approved by Show Management before it will display on IMTS.com.  To have an event approved it must meet these criteria:

  • Event must happen in your booth
  • Have a limited time frame, cannot be listed as an all-day event
  • Should not be a component of your booth display
  • Cannot be a “demonstration” that is given every hour of every day that is not going to be considered Special.  That is considered exhibiting at a trade show. 

Attendees can then search and sort by day, type of event like “Contest”, or even by building and add the events to their MyShowPlanner agendas. In addition, we will have a link directing visitors to our online event page in the IMTS Wake-Up Newsletter.

We try to alert attendees to the amazing, to the once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to the truly Special Events that are happening all over McCormick Place.  Make sure they know what you are up to!

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