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IMTS 2016 Stats are In! Hear What Your Customers Have to Say!

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Who were the 115,612 registrants at IMTS 2016? We’ve surveyed thousands of your customers and compiled data detailing visitor characteristics to give you a better understanding of the different audiences at IMTS. Knowing more about your audience can help you fine tune your marketing and sales strategy. Check out some highlights below or click here to see the PDF.

Who’s the new audience?
55% of the IMTS 2016 visitors did not attend IMTS 2014. Being unfamiliar with IMTS, newcomers may likely have missed your booth, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss them. You can have your sales team connect with these potential customers.

Why do visitors go to IMTS?

  • 91% - to see new products
  • 46% - to see a specific product
  • 42% - to see a particular company because of the pre-show material received.
  • 34% - to seek a solution to a specific problem

Who’s buying and when?
Those who have a role in purchasing represent 83% of the visitors. Almost half of the visitors identified as part of corporate management or manufacturing production engineering. During IMTS 2016, Tuesday and Wednesday proved to have the highest number of visitors.

Small to midsize companies are significant
By plant size, 56% of visitors came from plants with 99 or less employees, followed by 27% coming from plants with 100-499 employees. 10% of IMTS visitors came from a plant with 1,000 or more employees.

Visitors and exhibitors attend for different reasons



74 % - to see exhibitors

77 % - to see attendees

67 % - to see new products displayed

77 % - IMTS reputation

54 % - to see other MFG technologies

62 % - to network

41 % - location

48 % - to see exhibiting competitors

What Social Media do IMTS visitors use most?

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

What’s the big take-away?

IMTS 2016 had the highest number of exhibitors in history. It was the third largest show for registration and exhibit space. Only IMTS 1998 and IMTS 2000 were larger - mainly a result of the dot com boom. “It’s not about size, but the increase in numbers tell us that advanced manufacturing is strengthening – a good sign for our economy,” said Pat McGibbon, Vice President – Strategic Analytics, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and manages IMTS.

“IMTS has grown not only in size, but in the overall scope of manufacturing,” says Peter R. Eelman, Vice President – Exhibitions & Business Development at AMT. “There are more compelling reasons for people to attend. Whether they come to research new technology, evaluate vendors before purchasing, find solutions or connect with the leaders in the manufacturing industry, there is simply no substitute for attending IMTS.”

If you want to dig deeper into the registration data on your own to find customers specifically interested in your product, you’ll want to check out the IMTS Exhibitor Passport. Email solutions@AMTonline.org or call 1.888.268.3292 for more information.

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