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Target dates are here!

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Avoid hassles, delays, and extra costs. Knowing your target dates and reviewing the requirements for your carrier(s) and driver(s) to be “On Target” at the Marshalling Yard can save you money. 
Things to Remember:
  • Make sure your trucks arrive at your assigned date and time to avoid penalties ($18/CWT). 
  • Don't forget to notify booth sharing companies of the delivery and pickup dates and driver check-in times.
  • Your target dates can be found on the homepage of your IMTS e-Kit or on the IMTS Carrier Information webpage.
The IMTS Carrier Information webpage also includes directions for drivers to the Marshalling Yard and advanced warehouse, freight regulations and procedures, important dates and shipping addresses, truck trailer type forms, uncrating warehouse information and more. 
If you need to request a target date or check-in time change or have any questions, please contact the GES-IMTS information Center at 866-280-7765, 630-671-7960 or IMTSservice@GES.com.

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