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3 Must-do's to Prepare Your Booth Staff

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At the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Workshop IMTS Marketing Gunslinger Steve Miller presented three guiding principles to help booth staff quickly distinguish between prospective buyers and non-buyers, and communicate effectively with them. Check out his entertaining, yet easy-to follow plan below, watch his presentation, or review his slides.

  1. Define your target profile. With your sales, marketing and booth staff, define who you are looking for by developing a target profile. 
  2. Establish an objective and ROI. With the same team establish a meaningful objective for the event and your target ROI. 
  3. Use the “Speak First 10-foot Rule.” The most important job is to get prospective customers that fit your target profile into your booth, which can be done by speaking to anyone within 10 feet of a staffer.

More than 30 speakers presented on 60 topics to give exhibitor operations, marketing and sales staff the information they need to prepare and launch a successful IMTS 2018 show experience. To review the collection of topics click here.

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