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7 Tips for an Effective Budget

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At the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Workshop Dana Super, Principal for AXEL Marketing LLC, presented Prepare Your Budget, which includes effective guidelines to keep track of how you're investing valuable company resources to achieve specific results. Check out her tips below, watch her presentation, or review her slides.

  1. Include only the costs that you can influence.
  2. Allot ~10 % of your budget for unexpected costs and cost increases.
  3. Record everything accurately, and don’t try to make your budget look good. If you forgot something, don’t try to hide it.
  4. Include all possible costs, including hospitality/hotel taxes and possible overtime labor costs.
  5. Don’t miss deadlines, it can create an unnecessary added cost to your IMTS experience.
  6. Meet with suppliers ahead of time and ask what they recommend you do to make move-in faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.
  7. Keep records and take notes about what went well and where improvements could be made to help you better prepare for the next IMTS show.

More than 30 speakers presented on 60 topics to give exhibitor operations, marketing and sales staff the information they need to prepare and launch a successful IMTS 2018 show experience. To review the collection of topics, visit IMTS.com/workshop.

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