IMTS supports your show marketing efforts with a variety of cost-effective, proven advertising and communication opportunities inside and outside of McCormick Place.

Exclusive Opportunity: Smart Manufacturing Hub

Smart manufacturing is a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet-connected machinery to monitor the production process. To help position your company as a leader in the industry's most advanced smart technologies, we have integrated SME's Smart Manufacturing initiatives to bring you a new concept within the floor plan of IMTS: Smart Manufacturing Hub.

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IMTS Hotel Shuttle Buses

Promote to all visitors on the free IMTS hotel shuttle buses, which boast a 30,000 per day ridership during IMTS, boarded by 80 to 90 percent of all IMTS attendees, and service 90 official show hotels!


From exterior full bus wraps, side ribbons, and taxi toppers to interior signs and headrest covers, transportation advertising comes in all sizes and prices on a variety of vehicles and stops. Other opportunities include inter-building trams, taxis, Go Airport Express, the CTA rail stations, the transportation flyer, Brilliant Expo Vu LED signs, and boarding areas in hotel lobbies and McCormick Place.

Transportation Boarding Areas

Brilliant ExpoVu LED signs, located in the entrance lobbies of all IMTS halls, offer specifically timed and targeted messages. Find out more, watch Learn about IMTS Sponsorships: Getting Beyond the Booth from the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Workshop.

Get started, go to your e-Kit checklist and search Transportation Sponsorships form.

For more information, contact:
Bob Kaplan

Parking Structure Sponsorships

Choose a level on the parking structures at McCormick Place to imprint your company name in visitors' memories so they can recall where they parked.

Find out more, review IMTS Sponsorship Program: Parking Structures from the IMTS Exhibitor Workshop.

Get started or for more information, contact:
Bill Herman

Tabletops, Cups, Napkins, Hotel Keycards

Opportunities for tabletop adhesives, beverage napkins and cups are a great way to get your brand front and center when IMTS visitors are taking a break in one of the many dining choices in McCormick Place and in the adjacent Hyatt restaurants. Or, place your brand on something visitors will carry the entire day, their hotel keycards. Choose from 12 distinctive hotels.

Find out more, review Sponsorships from the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Workshop.

Get started or for more information, contact:
John Campos
Gardner Business Media, Inc.

Press Promotions and Press Conferences

Bringing a brand new machine to IMTS? We can help you create press releases and you can upload the releases to the Virtual Media Center ensuring you're ready for editors visiting your booth. Read more in the Public Relations Guide or find out how to hold a Press Conference.

To add a press release with images or to reserve the media briefing room, log in to your e-Kit, click on “checklist” and search “press.”


IMTSTV appears on plasma screens throughout the show Halls, on pre-recorded feeds into select IMTS Hotels and on during the show. To raise awareness of your company, products, technologies and services, advertise on IMTSTV – especially if you have a strong visual demonstration.

Special In-Booth Events Directory at IMTS

If you have special events planned for your booth, let IMTS help promote them using our Special Events Directory.

If you have a booth event or activity that you believe others should experience, notify us through your e-Kit in “Company Profile”. We hope to highlight these special experiences in IMTS communications so that they won’t be missed.

Promote Your Booth On-site

Good marketing never stops once the show starts. Products like the Directory, ShowDaily and MyShow Kiosks are great places to brand your company and feature products you will have on display at the show – find out more about promotion at the show.