Register your booth staff – cost is now $35 per person. You will be able to purchase the badges and then add your booth staff.

Register Your Staff Now

How to Register

There are four ways to register your booth staff:

  • Add staff with the full registration form: use this option for adding staff not based in one of the contact locations you are mailing badges.
  • Add staff with the quick form: use this option if you are registering multiple staff who are based in one of your primary or alternate contact locations.
  • Add staff by using your IMTS 2016 staff list: this option allows you to review your 2016 staff and select the people you wish to register for this year's event.
  • Add staff by uploading a list: use this option for merging a list of staff using a provided template file format.

Get Started

Badge Info

Did you know that you can have your booth staff badges mailed to multiple locations?
Access the CDS registration site via your e-Kit and go to "Sign Up Your Staff" where you can add up to two additional locations/offices. When you register the booth staff you will be prompted to let us know where each badge should be mailed.

Badge Mailing:
The deadline to register to receive your badge in the mail is Friday, August 10. Exhibitor badges will be mailed to the main contact or to up to two other locations you choose beginning on August 14th. You can check on the status of your badges by logging into the Sign Up Your Staff page. The date, shipped to and tracking number will be added to this location. Please allow 2-3 days for processing and uploading of tracking information.

Customer Invitations

Invite Customers and Prospects Using IMTS Customer Invitations

IMTS provides three ways for you to invite your customers to attend the show for free and to visit you in your booth!

  • Paper Invitations:
    A unique code will be printed on an IMTS information flyer. You determine the code and the quantity you would like printed on demand. These invitations will be mailed to you for distribution. You can crate multiple paper invitation codes and allotments to target your booth marketing. You may order paper invitations through August 18th.
  • Invite Customers Email:
    Do you want to reach out to a few select individuals with the offer of free registration? Then choose option two. This tool will send a pre-written email that you can personalize with a few lines of invitation. It is sent to your customers instantly.
  • Unique URLs:
    If you have planned some email marketing to drive people to your IMTS booth the Unique URL option will work best for you. Option 3 allows you to establish a unique code(s) that is then imbedded in a URL. You can setup up multiple codes for different campaigns and also control the number of uses each code can have. Once created the urls can be emailed to your marketing or sales team for them to insert into marketing pieces.

Each IMTS Exhibitor can invite a total of 10 customers to register at no-charge to either their company or their customer. When invitations are redeemed above the 10 free, a $10 fee will be charged to your company for each registration. Companies will be billed and invited to pay through an online portal for the additional redeemed invitations.

Access the Customer Invitations Order Form in Your e-Kit

Manage Your Invited Customers

Accessible through the eKit, Customer Invitations offers the ability for you to manage your invited customers and prospects. You can log in to see who has registered at your invitation. This provides you great information to follow up with them and make an appointment to visit your booth. The list is downloadable and printable so you can share with sales staff. In reviewing your list you can also see who hasn’t yet responded to an invitation you sent and perhaps follow up with them.