North Building, Level 3; booth #236700

Consumer digital technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, but it is just beginning to transform the advanced manufacturing industry. This AMT ETC highlights the digital manufacturing revolution in action.

Visitors will experience many digital manufacturing innovations, from free operating standards for machine shops and connected machines to cyberphysical security, developed by leading technology organizations including:

  • iT SpeeX “Athena” – an intelligent assistant application for machine shops.
  • Cisco
  • Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Hurco Companies, Inc.
  • The MTConnect® Institute
  • The ROS-Industrial Consortium
  • SwRI
  • Universal Robots

Exhibit Highlights

  • The feature film The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing embodies the ETC theme “What's Now, What's New, What's Next” and focuses on the industry's challenges and opportunities. Forward-thinking technologists examine major shifts in markets, technology, agile manufacturing and revolutionary design strategies. Topics include the changing landscape of methodologies, materials and digital communication on the factory and industry level.
  • An MTConnect-enabled system will demonstrate a physically and digitally connected vertical CNC mill, a ROS-I (Robot Operating System-Industrial) interface and an articulated robotic arm that autonomously transfers the milled part to a CMM. This many-to-many interface enabled system will show how data sharing creates a closed-loop system. Using data from the CMM, the CNC can compensate for tool wear by recalculating its offsets to maintain tolerances closer to the median of the specification.
  • CISCO will display their connected view of a smart factory and how it can communicate, share and access information across all tools, machines, operators and managers.
  • A visual data wall will show a unified plant-to-business network, tested and validated to support standard industrial Ethernet protocols along with an IT security platform. The exhibit will show how network simplification can reduce network maintenance costs, and how reliable plant connectivity enables collaboration and innovation.
  • ATHENA, from industry technology incubator, iTSpeeX, is the first universal, voice-operated assistant technology specifically designed for manufacturing work. ATHENA enables operators to interact with machine tools using simple voice commands and can work on all machines, regardless of brand.