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Be a Part of the Digital Manufacturing Revolution

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Join the revolution. The Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC) has the potential to transform American manufacturing, and participation is open to all.

Dr. Ben Beckmann, Lead Scientist for GE Global Research, recently joined IMTSTV to explain the DMC and invite increased participation.

The DMC is a Web-based platform for sharing and exchanging design, engineering and manufacturing models and simulations. The DMC is ultimately a place for American manufacturers to showcase their abilities to a broad base of users, Beckmann explained.

For small to medium-sized manufacturers, the DMC can function much like a shopping mall, Beckmann noted, giving users a storefront where they can display and demonstrate their capabilities. For larger companies like GE, the DMC provides the opportunity to use different products and pieces from a variety of sources and interact with a broad supply chain digitally, he said.

While the DMC is targeted to members of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago, the platform is open to anyone. Companies can become members of the DMDII for an annual fee. Members receive priority access to the DMC as well as other benefits, including networking opportunities.

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