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The Future of Manufacturing

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Jeff Rizzie, Senior Manager of Business Development at Sandvik Coromant, appeared on episode #74 of the MakingChips podcast, where he discussed the future of digital manufacturing with hosts Jason Zenger and Jim Carr, as well as Sandvik’s role at IMTS 2016.

While already spreading to other industries, Rizzie cares specifically about how digitization will affect machine shops. Digitization is the process of converting data into digital format, allowing machine shop owners to extract more data and address issues that would not otherwise be discovered.

One of the enablers of digitization is MTConnect™, a protocol that acts as a translator so that all machines, regardless of brand, can speak the same language. Uniform data available from variable manufacturing equipment provides efficiencies and production optimization not previously possible. The format was originally developed for CNC machines but is now being applied to almost all machine tools.

Tasks that machine shop workers do today will be more efficient tomorrow due to additional information and data extracted from machine sensors. For example, at IMTS 2016, Sandvik, is showcasing how data extracted from machine tool sensors promotes a new way of thinking. For example, one day soon, the machine tool will one day tell the machine when it has reached the end of its life — not the other way around.

For more of Rizzie’s thoughts on manufacturing technology, watch select portions of his interview on IMTSTV. For the full interview, visit MakingChips.com. Be sure to see MakingChips in action on Monday and Thursday morning at IMTS 2016 in the IMTSTV Studio - North Building lower level. 

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