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Tech Trends Brings Data to Life

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In business, the best place you can be is ahead of the curve. But how do you know—and visualize—where the curve is and how to get there? Use Tech Trends.

Tech Trends is a revolutionary new app that will provide leaders in the manufacturing sector valuable insight into the processes, materials and products attracting the attention of the world’s leading researchers.

Tim Shinbara, AMT’s Vice President of Manufacturing Technology, sat down with IMTSTV to discuss the details of the new app.

Shinbara explained that Tech Trends, which is scheduled to launch in spring 2017, will help professionals evaluate and visualize the latest patterns and trends in manufacturing technology research. He also noted that Tech Trends is the next step in AMT’s long history of capturing advancements in manufacturing technologies and communicating those to the field. The static boards and reports of the past are no longer sufficient in today’s information-rich manufacturing environment, he emphasized.

By scouring hundreds of documents to discern trends and communicate them, Tech Trends will ultimately help the professionals who lead the industry work smarter, not harder. In fact, Tech Trends will allow the industry’s leaders to better plan for capital expenditures and make key strategy decisions, Shinbara said.

Currently, Tech Trends is in the pre-beta phase, and the development team is working to better understand and enhance the user experience. For more information about Tech Trends, including development updates, visit MTInsight.org

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