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A Smart Ride

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Olli is efficient. Olli is cute. But most importantly, Olli is smart. What is Olli?

Olli is the new self-driving, cognitive shuttle developed by Local Motors. Jay Rogers, the co-founder and CEO of Local Motors, joined IMTSTV to talk about the revolutionary vehicle and the evolution in digital manufacturing that made it possible.

Olli was made to carry small groups of up to twelve people, and it is a self-driving vehicle. Olli is also cognitive, meaning the vehicle gathers data from the cloud and user smart phones and structures it to proactively respond to rider needs.

The unique vehicle was showcased in the Emerging Technology Center at IMTS 2016. Visitors were able to not only see Olli, but also to take a ride on the futuristic vehicle.

Rogers explained how Local Motors has moved from Strati, the first 3D printed car that was manufactured at IMTS 2014, to Olli. He noted that Olli is the next step in the evolution of digital and additive manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to bring usable, customized products to market quickly.

Highlighting the flexibility of “micro” factories, Rogers noted that digital manufacturing is eliminating the assembly line and allowing for increasing levels of customization. He also emphasized how the supply chain must now adapt to better meet the needs of these new factories.

To learn more about Olli and all the exciting innovations featured in the Emerging Technology Center, visit imts.com.

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