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Inspired at IMTS 2016 – Craig Dusing, President of Carroll Industrial Molds, Inc.

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Advancements in CNC and 5-axis machining, as well as additive manufacturing, brought Craig Dusing, President of Carroll Industrial Molds, Inc., Milledgeville, Ill., to IMTS 2016. His successful visit included a CNC purchase and the probable acquisition of a new 5-axis machine in the near future. Additive manufacturing is something Dusing has been watching for “years and years” and continues to be an inspiration.

As a mold shop owner who uses cast aluminum and machined aluminum, Dusing is watching the progression of 3D printed metals, noting that four or five years ago, we didn’t see any printed metals. Soon enough, according to Dusing, we’ll be able to 3D print complete molds and cavities. “It’s coming, and we want to be right at the front edge of that when it happens,” he says.

However, Dusing knows it doesn’t pay to be selfish in coming to IMTS, and he brought five employees with him. “A couple shows back, we brought our whole shop here,” says Dusing. If not for the workload, he would have brought them again. Considering it’s his “sixth or seventh” show, Dusing will no doubt be back with his crew.

“We’re too close not to take advantage of this great opportunity,” says Dusing.

To learn more about why Dusing brings his team to the show, view the video.

For more info: http://www.carrollmolds.com/

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