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We Are Prepared

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Jason came to IMTS 2016 with a list. The list included: touch base with contacts, review additive manufacturing, check out tooling, and more.

And he wasn’t the only one with a list. From his group at General Motors Global Propulsion Systems, Jason was one of seven individuals who attended IMTS 2016—all with their own lists.

“Our group got everything done we needed to at the show,” Jason said. New contacts were made and answers to outstanding questions were pursued. “Time at IMTS allows for inquires and challenges that had been pushed to the backburner to be pushed up to the front,” he noted.

Upon returning to Pontiac, Michigan, Jason and his group shared their newly gained knowledge through a presentation for the entire division. The methodical deconstruction and dissemination of information didn’t stop there. Each group of engineers began the process of following up on each of the new technologies to determine viability for GM Global Propulsion Systems.

Much of the work Jason did at IMTS won’t impact production for several years. “We’re working to evaluate viability at this point,” he explained. “For a company like GM, durability is paramount.” The research the team brought back from IMTS may start to be seen in the production line around 2020.

Tying original inquiries that started at IMTS 2016 to tangible improvements years down the road is important to Jason and his team. “IMTS provides value to us as engineers,” he said. “The post-show presentation helps to demonstration the investment in sending us to Chicago is well worth it.”

IMTS 2018 will be here before you know it. And it will undoubtedly provide more value for GM Global Propulsion Systems, as they continue to push for new solutions on their production lines.

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