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Inspired at IMTS 2016 - Dean Paulson, Master Lock

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Dean Paulson, Technical Resources Supervisor at Master Lock, Milwaukee, Wis., wants others to experience the show. “For people that haven’t been here before, this is your one opportunity to see everything that’s brand new out in the manufacturing world. There are things that will blow your mind, too.”

Paulson came to IMTS on a mission to upgrade from Master Lock’s conventional single-tool vertical milling machine to an advanced multiple-tool machining system and new wire EDM system. Paulson reported on some of the great upgrades demonstrated at the show, but also took interest in other equipment, such as the small lathes.

He enjoys coming to the show, because there is always something new and innovative to see. Paulson noted that Master Lock bought some new machines last year that have already been upgraded with new technology. “It’s just something small, but it’s still something that wasn’t out there,” says Paulson.   

IMTS is more than looking at machines; it’s talking in-depth, face-to-face with the experts about equipment capabilities. “I think it’s great, people should show up.”   

To learn more about how attending IMTS inspires Dean, view the video.

For more info: www.masterlock.com

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