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Connectivity Through the Cloud

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In this episode of IMTSTV, Russ Waddell talks with Chuck Mathews, Cloud Evangelist for Machining Cloud GmbH, at the [MC]2 Conference in Chicago. Mathews works hard to promote the idea of using cloud technology— something that is widely used in consumer markets – in manufacturing. From smart phones and smart cars to the smart factory, we are in the middle of a digital transformation. Mathews says, “It promotes the use of that technology within manufacturing, while connecting manufacturers of the equipment with their own users.”

“The most valuable type of data is with workholding manufacturers, machine tool manufacturers and cutting manufacturers,” says Mathews. Kinematic data is also a crucial part in this process. Mathews goes on to explain the different ways kinematic data can be both stored and used on a cloud-based system. He says, “The data is very useful and stored based on the geometry of the parts, but today the software is transitioning to the point where it needs to use the kinematic information as well.”

All of this is used to optimize the tool path of the CAD/CAM software. Mathews explains, “It is especially valuable when you’re running high-speed cuts and three axis, and even significantly more valuable when you’re running five axis when you deal with rotary motion, as well as linear motion.”

Mathews and his team are encouraging cutting tool manufacturers to provide their cutting tool data, specifically the descriptive data and geometric data. Mathews says, “It is our job to collect that, aggregate it, and pass down the possibilities and the tools used for the job into the CAD/CAM system.” This process allows them to make all of that information available on the cloud for individual machine shops to download.

Watch the video to learn how cloud-based services can help you efficiently plan, program, monitor and optimize your operations.

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2016 [MC]2 Conference | April 19-21, 2016 | Dallas, Texas

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