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All That Jazz: Benny's Chop House

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Benny’s Chop House has it all: certified Japanese Kobe beef, 100% USDA Prime steaks, fresh seafood, an award-winning wine list (includes 1,800 labels), its own specially distilled vodka, excellent service and live jazz entertainment.

An IMTS staff favorite, Benny’s is the perfect meeting place for celebrating milestones, making deals, or simply experiencing high-class dining. “A truly emotional experience,” said Danish Chand, IMTS Operations Assistant. Indeed, Benny’s believes in and delivers “sincere and authentic service that connects emotionally and beckons you to return,” said Mitchell Schmieding, Benny’s Director of Operations.

Established by well-known Chicago restaurateur Benny Siddu, Benny’s has received a bevy of awards. However, its true claim to fame is consistently delivering the highest quality steaks, fish, seafood, and chops in an elegant steakhouse.

Chicago knows steak. And Benny’s is among the best in the city that sets the standard for melt-in-your-mouth meats. The restaurant is one of only 12 restaurants in the United States to serve traditional Japanese Kobe beef that carries the official chrysanthemum seal and comes with papers marked with a 10-digit number to identify the cow and farmer of origination.

Benny’s also serves 100% USDA Prime steaks. (Less than three percent of all steaks qualify for this exclusive quality grading.) The dry-aged bone-in ribeye is the most popular item on the menu, according to Mr. Schmieding, and is even better with lightly sautéed Oregon morels.

Beyond steak, Benny’s menu features a wide array of delicious seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood flown in daily from the East and West Coasts.

A perfect dish deserves a perfect pairing, and Benny’s extensive selection of wine, craft beer, and creative cocktails include something for every dish and every diner. Wine Spectator magazine has recognized the restaurant for five consecutive years for its extraordinary collection of wines, including an astonishing 1,800 labels.

And if you prefer a cocktail, you’ll have to try Benny’s vodka. Yes, Benny’s has created its own vodka to accompany its steaks! “A grain-based vodka, our spirit is distilled with black peppercorn and lemon giving it a light lusciousness that holds up well with steak,” says Mr. Schmieding.

If there is one thing that is even more quintessentially Chicago than steak, it’s jazz. Benny’s delivers that as well. As part of their commitment to revitalizing the local jazz scene, the restaurant features noteworthy performances by acclaimed entertainers every Wednesday through Sunday.

If you’re looking for a place with impeccable service, great food, an iconic atmosphere and unique entertainment to complete your IMTS experience, look no further. Benny’s is all that jazz.

For more information or to make reservations today, visit www.bennyschophouse.com.

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