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IMTS Focus: Job Shops

Job Shop Owners, What Keeps You Up at Night?
Your customers, your suppliers, your employees, your family – everyone depends on you! You are a “Doer.” You make things happen. You buy efficiently, invest wisely, sell fairly and make reasonable profits. Does the continual pressure of all of this get in the way of your dreams?

IMTS recognizes the importance of what you do and that your operations are key to the success of manufacturing. At IMTS, you can get up close to see and try new technologies, talk to the tech builders, and find inspiration. You’ll find solutions to provide the best for your business, your customers, your employees and your family.

Find Solutions at IMTS

IMTS Will Provide You With New Manufacturing Technologies & Ideas!

More than 115,000 industrial decision-makers, including many of your competitors, attend IMTS - The International Manufacturing Technology Show to get ideas and find answers to their manufacturing problems. They will see new technology demonstrated ... and choose the best for their needs.

At IMTS they find ways to cut costs and get more work. They know that to survive and succeed, they must keep up with technology ... and stay ahead of their competitors!

Attend IMTS ... Dominate the Competition

What the IMTS Community Has to Say...

IMTS is experiential. It’s the place where I talk with influencers and market leaders. Making connections gives me a stronger network and broader team to execute. That’s how highly successful companies operate.
Callye Keen, Design Manager – Kform
We saw new technology at IMTS we didn't know existed – it blew us away. It's common to experience that ‘wow’ moment once or twice at IMTS. We just never know what we're going to find, but we know if it's worth finding, it will be there.
Bob Bechtold, President – Harbec, Inc.
There's nothing more exciting than getting something new at the shop, so when we see a potential new addition at the show, everyone dreams about the possibilities. Often, we end up purchasing that new technology, and it makes jobs better.
Julie Hoban, CEO – JTD Enterprises
Attending IMTS is like getting a glimpse into the future. Some of the technologies on display are so new that you don't always realize the significance of what you're seeing at the time. There are revolutionary disruptive technologies out there that get introduced at every IMTS, and it blows me away every time.
Bill Seyferth, President – Eagle CNC Technologies
In this age when people are doing more shopping online and retail stores are closing, IMTS is still really important for my purchasing decisions. I can touch it, pick it up, look at it and talk with the tool reps. It's all in one place, which is fantastic. On his wish list for IMTS 2018 is a large VTL boring mill, a slant bed lathe with live tooling for handling larger parts at higher capacity and more.
Peter Claus, CNC Supervisor – HFW Industries
At IMTS, we are able to see more efficient, better technologies. IMTS helped me become who I am today because of all the different things that are there. Part of my job is helping the doers in our company accomplish their jobs more easily, so I challenge them to bring two new technologies from IMTS 2018.
Cassie Haupers, Vice President – Swiss Precision Machining, Inc.

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The IMTS Conference Program Provides Solutions

The conference, where Technology and Business connect, brings together experts from the industry to give you the most useful and up-to-date technical information available.

  • Sessions complement what you see on the exhibit floor
  • Gain insight into improving your production and operations
  • Learn from professionals with solutions to your manufacturing challenges
  • Network with peers

More Info about the IMTS Conference

Who Should Attend IMTS?

Everyone involved in manufacturing will benefit from experiencing the vast array of technologies available at IMTS.

  • Executives building a business
  • Decision makers involved in manufacturing equipment purchases
  • Engineers who identify equipment needs
  • Plant superintendent who will set it up
  • Operators who use the equipment and know it better than anyone else
  • Job Shop owners & their employees
  • All staff members and suppliers you count on for new ideas

IMTS Will Optimize Your Show Floor Productivity

To help guide attendees to booths quickly and easily, we organize exhibits in Pavilions that are geared toward specific industries, technologies and solutions. Find out more about the pavilions.

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