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Manufacturing and the Internet of Everything

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In this edition of IMTSTV, Tim Shinbara, Vice President – Manufacturing Technology, AMT, speaks with Cisco’s Bryce Barnes, Senior Manager of Machine and Robot Segment, at the [MC]2 Conference.

During his 15 years at Cisco, Barnes led the OEM Machine Segment and helped to define Cisco’s vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). “The next Industrial Revolution will be data-driven,” Barnes said. “Those companies that embrace that will prosper, and those who don’t will be left behind.”

In order to create a manufacturing process that you can extract data from, Barnes says it needs to be physically open, extensible and secure. The first question to answer is do you use a proprietary or open standard of communication. Next, make sure it is repeatable and scalable. Once you have both of those building blocks, you may then think of ways to secure the environment and build a strategy that produces value. Another topic discussed was using data as part of the design process. “Historically manufacturing systems that have been designed with process and control in mind, and then communications and data, have almost been an afterthought,” Barnes said. “What we really have in mind, is to bring data, communications, process, and control all together in one design process.”

The most challenging part of this is not to decide how to accomplish this, but who should accomplish it. Whether it’s a data scientist or a team of people with many skills, determining the right way to implement your data strategy requires forethought and potentially new hires.

Cisco, as Barnes explains, is the ideal company to assist manufacturers with the next Industrial Revolution because they have already done it in the IT world. “We are really just connecting the silos, processed data, and communications and bringing it together in an integrative fabric and design, all at once.”

Watch the video to hear more from Bryce Barnes about how the Internet of Things will transform manufacturing.

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