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MRS Machining President and Owner Matt Guse’s objective at IMTS 2016 was to evaluate new machines that can help streamline existing jobs and attract new ones. “I have found plenty of equipment to follow up on,” Matt said.

Two technologies in particular caught his eye: additive manufacturing and robotics. “A lot of technologies are really becoming affordable,” Matt said. Of course, affordability is a common concern for small, family-run shops like MRS Machining.

While Matt doesn’t anticipate using robotic technology at MRS Machining, he found the immense progress and increased affordability in the robotics field fascinating. Matt does foresee possibilities when it comes to incorporating additive manufacturing technologies into MRS Machining.

Striving for growth and working to integrate dynamic technologies at a company that employs less than 50 people is no small feat. Attending IMTS every two years is a significant part of Matt’s plan to constantly reinvest in his family’s company.

Making it possible for manufacturing students to attend IMTS is also a long-standing goal of Matt’s and the MRS Machining family. In 2016, Matt extended the IMTS experience to the next generation of his own family. Dylan, his teenage son, joined Matt in Chicago for his first IMTS.

Matt tried to prep Dylan for the scale and scope of IMTS. “Despite my best efforts, Dylan was very overwhelmed,” Matt said. “But I don’t think there’s any way to really know how big and important IMTS is until you get here and see it for yourself.”

Matt and Dylan took in as much of the show as they could, including making the most of their time traveling to and from their hotel and McCormick Place. “Networking on the shuttle buses was great,” Matt said. “I met a number of people and had some valuable conversations.”

When asked about regrets, Matt said, “Only that I didn’t get to see the whole show. You know how it is, you always pack too much into such a short time.” Clearly, the scale and scope of Matt’s IMTS investment continues to grow, as the next generation of manufacturers gets involved.

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